Teaming up with Pearson to sponsor educational networks

Ning Mini for Educators

To power your Ning Networks, Ning has teamed up with the education and technology company Pearson as an exclusive Ning Sponsor Partner. Pearson has made Ning Mini free for eligible North American K-12 and Higher-Ed Ning Networks. Ning Mini is a great way to get your educational institution online. With Ning Mini, you can add up to 150 members, and enhance your classroom, educational institution or your learning group with customized, online, social networking features like blogs, forums and photos.


Ning Networks focused on North American K-12 and Higher-Ed are eligible for free sponsorship by Pearson, including Ning Networks that facilitate learning in a classroom, best practices, educator-to-educator collaboration, or parental support. All participating Ning Networks are invited to apply for sponsorship. Participating Ning Networks will include “Brought to you by Pearson” on the top navigation bar of the Ning Network and a Pearson member profile to allow verification of private Ning Networks.

Sign Up for a Pearson sponsored Ning Mini

  1. Create your Ning Mini network*
  2. Complete all registration questions below
  3. Read and agree to the Pearson terms of sponsorship noted above, and the Acceptable Use of Conduct terms
  4. Click Apply Now

*You’ll be required to enter payment information as part of this process. If approved for the Pearson offer, we will credit your account with the annual cost of Ning Mini.

Note: If your Pearson sponsorship application is rejected, your Ning Mini trial will be canceled.


What qualifies as a pre-K or Higher Education Ning Network? Do students need to be members?

The main student group that is the area of focus for a Ning Network must fall within the pre-K and Higher Education range. This does not mean members of the network need to be students, as these networks can have teachers, administrators, parents, community leaders or students as members.

How do you decide if a Ning Network is in North America? Is it based on where the Network Creator is located, where most of the members are based, or the institution represented by the Ning Network?

The primary school, organization or institution of focus for the Ning Network should be based in North America in order to qualify.

When does the sponsorship run out? How long will I have my Ning Mini Network for free?

Pearson will be sponsoring Ning Mini networks for up to three years.

Will Pearson sponsor Ning Plus or Ning Pro if I have more than 150 members or need additional functionality not offered in Mini?

Ning Plus or Ning Pro are not included as part of the Pearson Sponsorship. If you have more than 150 members, or require additional functionality that isn’t included in Ning Mini, please purchase one of our other plans.

What will the Pearson branding look like on my Ning Network?

Pearson will have a small logo with a brief tagline “Brought to you by Pearson”, or similar, in the upper left hand corner of your Ning Network.

Will Pearson be contacting my members without my consent?

No. Pearson will not contact members without the Network Creator’s consent. Pearson may contact you, the Network Creator, directly from time to time, but these communications will not extend to your members unless you agree to do so.

I have an alumni Ning Network for my school. Does that qualify?

Alumni Ning Networks do not qualify for participation in the Pearson sponsorship. Qualifying Ning Networks must be established for the purpose of current learning or administrative needs.

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